Complaints Process

We are committed to resolving clients complaints through an effective internal resolution complaints procedure. Should you feel the need to lodge a formal complaint, please download the following article which details the steps needed to lodge a formal complaint. All Complaints are forwarded to the Compliance Officer who will forward the matter to the responsible department for investigation. Once the matter is resolved, the outcome is communicated to the complainant. If the complainant is satisfied with the response, the matter is concluded. Should the complainant be dissatisfied with the response, the relevant Ombudsman may be contacted.To ensure that we maintain a good relationship with our customers we are committed to:

  • Resolving client complaints through an effective internal resolution complaints procedure and system;

  • Being transparent and visible, thereby allowing the client to have full knowledge of the procedures when lodging a complaint and the resolution thereof, including the additional option of referring the matter to an external party

  • Handling all complaints fairly and with the least inconvenience to the client.


These can be sent via:

  • Post to: Complaints, The Farmhouse Watchford Farm Honiton EX14 9LZ
  • E-mail to:


  • Supporting documentation, information must accompany the complaint.
  • On receipt of the complaint Management will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing with the complainant.
  • Management will lodge the compliant and refer the complaint to the relevant department head.
  • The Director will be made aware of the complaint.
  • BAAC will attempt to resolve the complaint within a reasonable time, which will be no longer than 48 hours. This may be in conjunction with any other departments or staff that can assist with the complaint. The outcome of the complaint will be submitted to the complainant in writing
  • The complainant will be advised that if he / she is not satisfied with the outcome, the complainant may approach the relevant oversight bodies applicable to their industry.
The Director
  • BAAC
  • Mobile: +44 140 461 3322
  • Email address:
  • Postal Address: The Farmhouse Watchford Farm Honiton EX14 9LZ