Administration Capabilities

BAAC has custom built a business and underwriting system that is arguably one of the most innovative, flexible, stable and encompassing business administration systems in the insurance industry to date. The administrative system creates an entirely integrated environment in which the administration of policies, both long and short term, from inception through to term or claim payout, can be accomplished.

All data captured in the system is validated ensuring data integrity. Automatic calculations of the outputs such as premium, claim payout amount, etc is done by the system ensuring consistency and accuracy.

BAAC have the capability of efficiently processing and reporting on large volumes of what many traditional insurers would define as ‘small premiums’. This ability creates cost and operational efficiencies, which is a critical success factor in payment protector program management.

BAAC have the capability to take over the management and administration of existing portfolios of business from other UMA’s or administrators.

Product Rejuvenation

BAAC, as part of its Portfolio and Sales management process, review on a quarterly basis the existing portfolios. The process involves claims performance, client complaints, market intelligence, legislative changes and sales performance; this information is used to rejuvenate or re-price the existing products to ensure they remain relevant.

Management Information Systems

BAAC also has the capabilities to provide Management Information to its clients. The Management Information System in place allows us to provide comprehensive reports to clients including penetration, claims, benchmarking, actuarial reserving and related trend analysis. Our reserving reports are vetted on a monthly basis by Solve Co. actuaries.